Our Consultation Process

Believe Hair Restoration Health & Wellness Clinic, provides professional trichology services for all hair and scalp problems

Before a patient is treated, the Hair Practitioner will conduct a consultation with the patient so as to diagnose the root of the hair or scalp problem and to formulate an appropriate customized treatment regime to address with the specific complaint or condition.

Consultations are scheduled only by appointment and can last from forty-five minutes to one hour. During this process, the Hair Practitioner extracts pertinent information from the patient, including that in relation to diet and lifestyle, which would aid in an accurate diagnosis of the problem. The patient must also be prepared to give details as to the last chemical treatment that might have been done to the hair and or scalp and as to the hair care products currently in use.

Depending on the Hair Practitioner’s preliminary findings on conclusion of the interview with the patient and other examinations, the patient may be required to seek further medical tests e.g. blood tests. However, if it is necessary for treatment to be administered immediately, every effort will be made to provide this service.

At the end of the Consultation, the Hair Practitioner will offer an explanation as to the probable cause of the physical manifestations of the patient’s condition and will make recommendations to alleviate or improve the problem, including a change in diet, hair care or, in some cases, a referral to a medical doctor.

Prior to visiting our clinic, please fill out our hair questionnaire, which can be downloaded from here.