Salon Policies & FAQ

Cancellation Policy
Your appointments are very important to us and it is reserved especially for you. We understand that life happens therefore we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. Please understand multiple cancellations will result in the salon to keep a card on file and a 50% cancellation charge of the service amount will be required for any upcoming appointments.
Treatment Plans
The treatment plans are designed based on your hair and scalp condition. The average time that the treatment can take is up to 12 weeks depending on several factors, client compliance with the program and severity of the hair and scalp disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Should I stop using my current hair products?
YES, you should not use other shampoos and conditioners that are not part of the treatment plan.

2. Should I consult with my PMP?
If you are experiencing extensive health conditions where you have been prescribed medications, it is advisable that you inform your PMP.

3. Do you provide hair loss services to children?
Our hair loss services will be provided to children ages 11 years and older, with the parents full consent.

4. Do you provide hair loss services for Post Chemo?
Yes we provide services to clients who have completed chemotherapy. A CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED!

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